Shoebox Crew

Shoebox is a small but mighty community organization. With only 2 full-time staff, Shoebox managed to provide over 50,000 toiletry kits and personal items in the fiscal year ending June 2017. In total Shoebox provided items to more than 15,000 people! 

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Clayton Hopkins -the Rookie

Although a nonprofit veteran with more than 25 years experience, Clayton is new to Shoebox. Clayton joined Shoebox as its Executive Director in June of 2017.  Working closely with Laura, the board of directors, and other community partners, Clayton's goal is to help Shoebox live up to its extraordinary potentioal 


Laura Borgeson - The Veteran

Laura has been with Shoebox for 19 years and can assemble a hygiene kit in 3 seconds flat! Laura was introduced to Shoebox by  Judy, the Founder who is coincidentally her mother, and immediately fell in love with the organization. Laura serves as the Operations Manager and chief whip cracker.  Laura is also the keeper of the all important recipes followed when assembling the hygiene kits. 

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Shoebox volunteers are the heart beat of the organization. Shoebox could not make this happen without the support and dedication of our volunteers. Some of our volunteers have been with Shoebox for more than 15 years and every year their committed to Shoebox seems to strengthen. Fair warning, doing things to help others can be addictive and may cause you to feel good about yourself. But don't let that stop you, follow the link below and sign up to volunteer.