Donations are the life blood of most non-profit organizations. Shoebox is no different. We depend on your generosity of time, money, and donated items for the kits we make and distribute.

Why You Should Choose Shoebox

There are many non profits that you could give your money to and/or volunteer your time with. One of the best reasons to choose Shoebox is that we are local. We help the homeless and vulnerable right here in our own communities. The money you donate does not go out of town, it stays right here to help our own people. Volunteers can work in our office or from home and include your family and friends.

Our Mission

To gather and distribute Hygiene Kits to those experiencing homelessness, domestic violence survivors, children in the foster care system, the working poor, and other people who need, but cannot afford, hygiene items.

Our Team

Shoebox volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization. We could not make this happen without the support and dedication volunteers like YOU! Some of our volunteers have been with Shoebox for more than 15 years and every year their commitment to Shoebox seems to strengthen.

Our Agencies

Shoebox distributes Hygiene kits to 45+ local non-profit agencies that in turn distibute these kits to the homeless and other vulernable people in the Phoenix Metro area.

Volunteering is Easy & Fun

Help us from your home or office